a gleebax for all seasons

The Urbanaut pt.26

As some of you may know, I do a comic strip over at torontoist.com. This is the latest entry.

The idea for the strip, or series of postcards, or sometimes twitters, is our resident alien, Gleebax, explores Toronto and interprets events in his own sideways kind of way. When I first started, I felt a lot of pressure trying to be clever, or funny, or relevant, but these days I’m much more comfortable just letting the strip take me where it wants.

I don’t even feel like this one is particularly funny, just a nice image that I wanted to draw. Concept shmoncept.

In fact, I got the idea for this entry whilst taking a road trip in the US last week. America is a gorgeous country,and you get to see so many different facets of it, working your way north to south. Long stretches of flat country side, densely populated urban centres, tunnels, bridges, misty mountains in the morning, on and on and on. The only drawback is being packed into a tiny little car and getting lost every few hours.

This time of season always makes me feel more creative, and I love the colours of the fall. On the interstate you can see large forested areas, all taking on the colours of autumn, it’s really beautiful. Even though I was inspired by what I saw in the States, I felt like the same applies to here in Toronto as well. Afterall, autumn visits Virginia and Philadelphia as much as it does Ontario.


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