finding a painting

sketches and notes

Today was a bit of a struggle, trying to realize an image in my head for a painting, and looking further out, a new series of pieces. I had the idea of the thing, some of which you can glean from the notes (depending on your literacy in chicken scratch), but how it would look on paper was a different story.

This series is a ghost story. It has forced me to look inside, which can be a scary experience, to really think about who you are. Does that make sense? At the same time it’s probably also a very healthy thing to do. I always feel really good when I’m painting and drawing. This time around there is a bit of fear, but that is ok too, I think.

This is a larger piece, in fact it’s largest I’ve worked on yet. It just seemed like it was time, you know? I’ve always felt a strong connection to my final pieces and my sketchbook stuff. Like the spirit is the same. I don’t like to overwork the image, instead keeping the spontaneity of the sketch. Somehow, the same thought process doesn’t translate as well when I’m working larger, so I’m trying to address that now. We’ll see how it goes.


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