kicked out of eden

OK, so I suck at Pixel Junk Eden, I know that, OK?


Would you believe me if I told you I’m much better at Super Street Fighter IV?

The objective of Eden is to take your little bug guy and get him to these seeds. The seeds open up once you collect enough pollen and then turn into more plants, thus enabling bug guy to progress further into the level. Or something like that. I dunno. I kind of suck at it.

This is really me playing, there is a cool function where you can upload your gameplay straight from your PS3 to Youtube. I love this sort of thing but only a few games have it. Sadly the image quality is pretty low, but at least the music and visuals are top notch, both of which were provided by Baiyon (aka Tomohisa Kuramitsu), a rather talented fellow based in Japan.

PS.  I can’t get custom width/height to work when embedding Youtube to WordPress, any help would be great. As it stands now the little clip here looks sad (although it is low res so maybe that’s ok).


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